• All existing standards are covered, from 10MHz to 5800MHz.
  • Adjustable transmission power and frequency.
  • User-programmable systems.
  • Adaptability to evolving networks and threats.
  • Remote control and monitoring.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

Nuances Technologies provides turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of each customer, from the design stage to systems integration.

The systems developed enable full control of wireless communications. Scalable, they benefit from a modular design and can be adapted to any type of mission.

Our systems can be implemented on-site as fixed devices, integrated in vehicles, or used by mobile units.


The detection of communications and their characterization precisely define the electromagnetic environment. The platforms designed by Nuances Technologies enable cartography of the radio-electric activity to be established, and the source of communications to be located and traced.


A perfect knowledge of the spectrum makes it possible to replicate the exact same characteristics of public cellular networks in order to simulate communications. There are many applications: creation of standalone communication networks (voice/data), emergency networks, eavesdropping operators training, protection against roaming communication diversion on borders, etc.


With the creation of private mobile communication networks and their subscriber management, communications can be secured in any kind of territories or places (embassies, military bases, public places, etc.).


Nuances Technologies designs jamming solutions inhibiting incoming and outgoing communications. These systems are based on cutting-edge technology: the jamming can be active, reactive, adaptive or hybrid. Combined with a range of specific software, these systems permit such actions as the dynamic or static protection of sensitive areas, counter-RCIED protection, the jamming of communications, the controlled triggering of RCIEDs, etc.


Nuances Technologies offers systems that can selectively block cellular communications. The user can authorise communications on a number of phones in a specific place and deny access to the network to any other subscriber, no matter which operator is used.

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