Long-term support


Nuances Technologies works closely and in a customised way with its customers to design and write their project technical specifications. After an analysis of needs, we rely on our experts to give our best advices to customers and offer them appropriate solutions.


Nuances Technologies teams of experts in radio frequencies and communication protocols perform site audits upon request. We carry out measurements to define the radio environment of the site and analyse its architecture to offer appropriate solutions. We can also test the installation to determine how to integrate our systems, or audit the solutions already in place.


Nuances Technologies performs any kind of integration in any environment, be it outdoor or indoor. We equip premises of highly varied sizes and architectures: meeting rooms, government buildings, detention centres, etc. More than 500 vehicles of 32 different types benefit from our systems. Our teams design specific integration kits for each project.


Nuances Technologies conducts tests in order to validate system performance. We measure distance of protection around the protected vehicles or sites and ensure inhibition of wireless communications within these perimeters.


Nuances Technologies provides user training, including knowledge of communications exchange protocols, countermeasures, new threats, integration, use and maintenance of systems.


Nuances Technologies guarantees the availability of support (ILS/MCO) reflecting the latest standards (MILSTD 1388 2A and 2B, ASD S2000M, ASD S1000D). This purpose-designed system covers a comprehensive range of products and services, such as industrial maintenance on site or at our premises.

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